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The website was featured on the front page of the Myrtle Point Herald newspaper on October 19, 2006. Here is a transcription of that article.

New website covers local area

By Mary Schamehorn, Herald Editor                    Myrtle Point Herald, October 19, 2006

    If you love the Coquille Valley, you won’t want to miss the new web site

Spearheaded by Robin Greenlund [sic;Robyn] of Myrtle Point, the site has links to Myrtle Point, Powers, Coquille Valley and Coos area resources.

“It’s very nice,” said Steve Means, director of the Coos County Fairgrounds Museum.

There are links to museums in the county such as [the] Coquille Valley Museum, Fairgrounds Museum, Bandon Historical Museum and, Coos County Logging Museum, as well as other links, which include the Coos Historical Society, Coquille Chamber of Commerce, Wagner House Museum in Powers, Coos County Veterans, Myrtle Point Heritage Tour and Century Farms.

“Eventually the tree trail brochure will be linked out of the web site,” Means said. “Already on the site is the Myrtle Point Heritage Tour, and a tour of historic homes. One is a tour of homes and the other features businesses and churches.”

Means said the web site is extensive. “We’re doing that together as part of building a Myrtle Point Heritage Association, foundation or museum,” he said.

Gary Dickenson is helping as assistant director of the fairgrounds museum, along with Means. Mike Lyons of Myrtle Point is doing the map work. Eva Bailey, who is the new forestry extension agent at the OSU Extension Service, is providing expertise on the tree trail, along with Jon Martz, another extension agent.

“This is a positive thing that is rolling . . . we are doing very well with it,” Means said.

Wagner House

Information on the site about Powers tells of the history of the community, a bit about its location, the fact that it is the gateway to the Siskiyou National Forest, and about the Powers County Park.

“The original settlers hailed from North Carolina, and the town came to be known as Powers after early 20th century lumbermen Albert Powers who brought in men and machines (including a railroad) to log the surrounding forests.”

“The historic Wagner House, situated alongside the main road through Powers, is said to be the oldest pioneer home in the region. There’s an adjacent railroad museum, as well as walk-around displays on the grounds.”

Logging Museum

The links give pertinent information about the logging museum, a description of the displays, as well as an extensive history about the museum.

Myrtle Point homes

Myrtle Point Historic Homes points out that “Myrtle Point has one of the finest collections of homes and businesses built prior to 1910 of any of the communities on the South Coast. “Many of the homes have been refaced, but retain the original architectural intent. Renewed interest in preserving these homes has led to a recent surge in restoring these homes to their former glory and in researching their former owners.”

People can then click on other links to learn more about the homes.

Coquille Valley Museum

The museum is owned by the Coquille Valley Historical Society, established in May of 2005.

“Thanks to the interest and generosity of Bob Taylor, former owner of Taylor’s Sports Shop, the museum is located in his old store.”

“The museum’s collection includes the Lee Peterson tool collection; the Wilkins Photography Studio photographs; Leland Simpson antiques; a number of items on loan from the Coquille Sentinel newspaper including a turn-of-the-century printing press and type; a blacksmith forge and tools; a selection of books from the old Riverton schoolhouse; old photographs; a large collection of glass insulators and a variety of other displays.”

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, and admission is $2 or free with Society membership.

Fairgrounds Museum

When you click on the Fairgrounds museum’s link, you’ll discover five pages of information about the popular museum, which finished its second summer season (2006) with over 5,000 people passing through the huge barn style doors.

The museum opens every day from June until Labor Day, and is open by appointment at other times. It is located on the Coos County Fairgrounds.

The Fairgrounds museum is a “display museum” where exhibits come from individuals, service organizations, schools, libraries, businesses and virtually every museum within Coos County.

“For 2007, an additional cooperative display will work from early Sanborn maps which show the location and use of buildings in Coos area cities and towns at 10- to 15- year intervals from the 1880’s.”

“The whole exhibit will be concurrently displayed in the museum and on the Coquille Valley heritage web site. Please contact us with ideas and materials for this display, especially with stories and photographs of homes, businesses, farms, ranches, factories, vehicles, roads, parks, churches, rivers and boats and especially of the people who made and used them.” Means said.

“Items are being collected to surround the maps and to be tied by colored ribbons to indicate their dates and places.”

The web site is so extensive that it is impossible to describe even a small part of what is available.

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Everyone loves photos

The first historic photos of the Coquille Valley have been added to the site. Each month the topic of the images will change, so remember to check back to see what the new images are. All images will either be from my personal collection or pre 1925 and not subject to copyright any longer.

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Changes to the site in September 2006…

The CoquilleValley website is growing! Added to the site in recent months are two major new additions- the Fairgrounds Museum pages and Coos County History by Marilee Miller. The history pages currently have over 300 pages of clippings from the local newspapers in the early 1900’s and are expanding to 500 pages in the near future. In addition, there are now new search tools on both the main site and thie Coos history site and many of the other subpages have been updated with new information and features. Check them out!

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Myrtle Point Heritage Tour

The CoquilleValley website now includes a tour of 43 homes and businesses in the downtown area.

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Coquille Museum page is active

The Coquille Valley Museum online is now up and functioning. Photographs and more complete descriptions of the displays and collections owned by the museum will be added over the coming week.

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Welcome to the new website for the Coquille Valley Historical Musuem. The first order of business was to establish a domain name and to begin creating the main page for the site. The new site is The second step is to set up this forum for recording what’s changed on the new site. This was done very quickly with the help of a new web tool from Now that the main site is operational, links from the main page are now active and subpages are being developed. Check back frequently as the webpage is growing quickly!

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